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Image Skincare Ireland

Image Skincare Body Spa Range "Get Summer Body Ready"

We at Image Skincare Ireland know exfoliation is key to prepping the skin before tan application. But sometimes we use harsh scrubs that leave our skin feeling uncomfortable and dehydrated. Chemical or enzyme exfoliation can be a much more effective way of exfoliation without leaving the skin sensitised.

Using ingredients like lactic acid, Glycolic acid, pineapple, or papaya enzymes can give the skin a deeper exfoliation while also leaving it fresh and hydrated.
Image Skincare Body Spa


Our top picks from Image to prep the skin is the Image Skincare Body Spa Exfoliating Scrub. This contains a unique blend of Glycolic, Lactic and Pineapple fruit to deeply exfoliate the skin leaving it the perfect base for tan application. We suggest leaving it sit on dry skin for a few minutes before jumping into the shower. This allows the active ingredients to work at dissolving a build up of dead skin on the surface. This product creates the perfect sensorial spa experience at home. It contains notes of crushed walnut, raspberry, grapefruit, and papaya and remind us of Christmas every time we use it.

Image Skincare Ireland

For someone a little bit more time deprived, we suggest the Image Skincare Body Spa Rejuvenating Lotion. This is like a leave on exfoliator for the skin or the lazy man/woman’s exfoliator. It contains a high concentration of Glycolic acid so this works by exfoliating the dean skin on the surface over a longer period. This is great in the lead up to tan application. Use it on the days coming up to tan application and your tan will sit so much nicer on the skin. It also creates the perfect glow for the body especially across the décolletage area. So, if you have any big events coming up and you want to show off your décolletage area, this will be a perfect addition to your daily routine to create that more youthful glow.

Image Skincare Ireland Body Spa

We also have the Image Skincare Body Spa Cellulift Cream. This is designed to be used on stubborn areas where we see cellulite form. It helps to smooth out the appearance of cellulite with consistent use. This is one of our high-performance products for anyone trying to target cellulite. This was also one of Dr Marc's first creations for the brand to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Try do some dry body brushing on the area prior to application to get the blood circulation going.


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