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Image Skincare Ireland

Image Skincare Ireland's Wedding Skin Prep!


Image Skincare Ireland Wedding


Are you getting married this year and want to start your Image Skincare journey? 


Firstly, start with a skin consultation. This is the best way to create a customised skincare plan specific to your needs. An Image skincare consultation should take you through home care products, professional facial treatment, and supplements to support your lifestyle. Here, your therapist will be able to give you the best advice on what your skin needs. 

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Generally, if you have a skin concern such as acne, rosacea, sensitivity, we at Image Skincare suggest doing a consultation 6 months prior to your big day. This allows sufficient time to trial products and treatments that work best for you. Usually, facial treatments are recommended in courses of 6, so 1 facial a month for 6 months to get your skin on track. 


Our favourite bridal treatments are Peels and Micro needling. This combination creates the perfect blank canvas for glossy skin that plump, hydrated and healthy.


Our favourite Bridal Image Skincare products are:

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6 months to go – Start your Image Skincare at home routine and book your first facial. 

3 Months to go – Exfoliate and mask at least once a week. 

1 month to go – Maintenance: add in more hydration, keep going with gentle exfoliation and don’t add in anything new to your routine. Keep going with your supplements and try managing your stress levels. When you’re stressed your immune system can shut down and this is when we can get ill, experience breakouts and rashes. Taking supplements with Vitamin A, C and E can boost your immunity. Pre & proBiotics to manage gut health.  Omega 3 is great for hydrating the skin from the inside out and Ashwagandha can help with reducing stress levels.

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