Gua Sha Tool


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Elevate and enhance your beauty ritual with our gua sha facial massage tool.

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese technique that uses tools made of stone in various shapes and sizes to promote healing. Image Skincare’s gua sha tool is made of natural stone and delivers a cooling and soothing touch to the skin.

How to Use

Use the gua sha tool with your IMAGE serum or facial oil of choice for 3 – 5 minutes daily.

Jawline and chin: Starting at the center of the chin, glide tool out and upward toward the ear.

Cheeks: Starting at the nose, glide tool out and upward in a sweeping motion along the cheekbone, moving toward the ear. Repeat moving downward toward the jaw.

Undereyes: Start at the inner corner of the eye and glide tool outward to the temple.

Brows: Glide tool upward along the brow bone, starting at the inner brow and moving out.

Forehead: Start at the center of the forehead and glide tool outward. Repeat moving downward toward the brow bone.


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