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Everything you need to know about exfoliation

Image skincare everything you need to know

During the winter months, you might find that your skin is drier than usual thanks to the colder weather outside and central heating inside.  Factors like these can cause your skin cells to dehydrate quicker than usual, leaving them sitting on top of your skin.  Unless you remove those dead skin cells regularly, the newer […]

Focus on: Treatment prep and post care

IMAGE treatment prep and post care

IMAGE treatment prep and post care advice to achieve maximum results.  Booking in for regular treatments ensures that your skin is under constant analysis by your Image Skincare therapist. As your skin’s needs can change throughout the year, it’s important to make sure that you’re using the best products for you to achieve maximum results.  […]

Which IMAGE Skincare chemical peel is right for you?

IMAGE Skincare chemical peels

Did you know that chemical peels are an effective way to transform your skin to give visible and impressive results?  Not all peels are created equally and it’s important to use the right peel for your skin concern so that you get the best results.  Some might find that one chemical peel treatment is effective […]

What is Clean Clinical Skincare?

clinical skincare products

Clinical isn’t boring, it’s just the opposite. Clean Clinical skincare creates confidence, delivering efficacy and evidence-based results. And it doesn’t mean compromising when it comes to integrity. That’s why IMAGE Skincare created its own category of clean clinical skincare. Here’s what we are doing to make sure their products aren’t just clinically effective but mindfully […]