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Image Skincare peel prep, benefits and aftercare with Brand Expert, Michelle Ryan

If you’ve never had an Image Skincare peel before, we have everything you need to know here.  National Trainer for Image Skincare, Michelle Ryan, talks through each of the peels available and their benefits, followed by peel prep and aftercare too. If you’re unsure as to which Image Skincare peel is best for your and […]

How to combat acne scars

Did you know that acne can show up at any age?  It’s not just for teenagers or those in their twenties!  Many women experience breakouts due to a change in hormone levels, while others are genetically predisposed to acne.  While it might be tempting to pick at the skin, or squeeze blemishes, that’s never recommended. […]

Fresh arrivals – what’s new from IMAGE Skincare

We are delighted to announce the arrival of four new products to the IMAGE Skincare lineup.  Whether you’re dealing with acne issues and are searching for a clarifying treatment, or looking for a repair creme to help diminish the appearance of blemishes, our newest additions to the 2022 skincare lineup can give you exactly what […]

Focus on: Skin Barrier function, how to repair and care for it

When it comes to our skin, it’s important to understand the important role our skin barrier plays in the health of our skin. There are so many skin conditions and problems that are linked to a compromised skin barrier. What is skin barrier? The skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin that serves […]

Head to toe Valentine’s Day beauty ritual

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your other half, or whether you’re celebrating your amazing self this year, it’s time to give yourself a head-to-toe experience.  The best part about this head to toe Valentine’s Day Beauty ritual is that you can do it every week, or as often as you like, because you deserve […]