Our Top Summer Skincare Picks

top summer skincare picks

It’s extremely common for your skin concerns to change as the seasons do, and with that, it’s vital to change the products that you use too. In this post, we have our Top Summer Skincare picks with some of the best Image Skincare products for summer skin that you can incorporate into your skincare routine, starting today.

PREVENTION + Hydrating Moisturizer (SPF 30)

PREVENTION+ daily hydrating moisturizer SPF 30+ 91ml

While we strongly advocate wearing SPF daily throughout the year, in the summer months, it should be a vital component of your skincare routine.  Even on cloudy days or when it’s raining, the sun’s UV rays can still penetrate the clouds and damage your skin. UVA rays cause aging and UVB rays cause burning, so using an SPF that has broad-spectrum protection will help protect your skin from both.

This hydrating, all-mineral daily SPF moisturiser delivers broad-spectrum protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.  Formulated with Digital Aging Defense, it helps to protect against blue light from phones, devices and the sun.

ILUMA intense facial illuminator

Iluma Intense Brightening Serum IMAGE Skincare

There are a few factors that can lead to pigmentation in the skin, from hormones to inflammation. Sun exposure is a leading cause of hyperpigmentation in the skin and in the summer, we’re outside more, and many see a dramatic increase in their pigmentation.

This concentrated corrector + skin brightener serum helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots while enhancing luminosity for a lit-from-within glow. The power-packed formula with tranexamic acid, vitamin C and niacinamide delivers optimal brightening benefits and targets dull, uneven skin tone.  This is a great addition to your summer skincare routine.

ORMEDIC balancing facial cleanser

As you should be wearing SPF daily and reapplying it during the day during the summer,  it’s important to make sure that you remove it thoroughly at night, along with any other impurities like dirt and sweat.  Adding a cleanser to your summer skincare routine is a great way of starting and ending the day perfectly.

This mild gel cleanser gently sweeps away all impurities, leaving skin soft, hydrated and refreshed. A nourishing complex with organic aloe vera and botanical extracts soothes delicate skin. The satiny texture restores softness and balance.

CLEAR CELL salicylic clarifying pads

CLEAR CELL Clarifying Pads

During the summer, an increase in humidity leads to sweating, which in turn can lead to clogged pores.  It’s a time too where the sebaceous glands in your skin can produce excess sebum.  Those with oily or acne-prone skin may experience an increase in breakouts during the summer months.

Remove impurities and excess oil with these portable deep cleansing pads.  The combination of salicylic and glycolic acids in these pads exfoliates dead skin and helps keep pores clear, while soothing antioxidants keep redness in check.  These are a summer skincare essential!

VITAL C hydrating water burst

Sun exposure is a large contributing factor to dehydrated skin during the summer months.  Sun exposed skin can gradually lose oils and moisture, so it is vital to flood the skin with hydrating products during the hotter days.

This transformational hydrating gel bursts into tiny water droplets on contact to quench dry skin. With the benefits of vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, it delivers a boost of hydration to help your skin appear more bright, refreshed and radiant.  Our top tip is to keep it in the fridge during the summer for an extra cooling effect.

These products and many more are available online and from stockists nationwide.