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Five summer skin problems and how to treat them

summer skin problems

Summer is a season we all look forward to, filled with sunny days and outdoor activities. However, the hot weather and increased exposure to the sun can bring about a range of skin problems that require special care and attention. Here are five summer skin problems and how to treat or prevent them.  Sunburn One […]

Image Skincare summer skin essentials  

prevention+ summer skin essentials

During the summer months, we tend to be outside more, enjoying the nice weather, spending time with friends and family And enjoying the brighter, longer days. However, our skin can run into issues during the summer, between UV rays, extra sweat, folliculitis, dry, irritated skin, we may have different skin concerns to tackle. Here are […]

Our Top Summer Skincare Picks

top summer skincare picks

It’s extremely common for your skin concerns to change as the seasons do, and with that, it’s vital to change the products that you use too. In this post, we have our Top Summer Skincare picks with some of the best Image Skincare products for summer skin that you can incorporate into your skincare routine, […]

Summer SPF tips

PREVENTION+ daily matte moisturiser SPF 30 Shop online Ireland

One of the main myths regarding SPF is that it’s just a summer essential. We tend to be outside more when the weather is better, but it’s vital to keep your skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays, whether indoors or outdoors. The sun’s rays can penetrate through windows, so while you may feel protected […]