What is Clean Clinical Skincare?

clinical skincare products

Clinical isn’t boring, it’s just the opposite.

Clean Clinical skincare creates confidence, delivering efficacy and evidence-based results. And it doesn’t mean compromising when it comes to integrity. That’s why IMAGE Skincare created its own category of clean clinical skincare. Here’s what we are doing to make sure their products aren’t just clinically effective but mindfully made.

Each IMAGE Skincare product gives us a clean slate opportunity to innovate. We do our research and choose ingredients with care, so we know what goes into our formulas and understand each ingredient contribution at its purest level.

We also know what doesn’t belong in skincare. We never use parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or artificial fragrances and synthetic dyes. Our SPFs formulas never contain oxybenzone. Staying at the scientific forefront also means adapting and modernising our formulas on a continues basis meeting and exceeding regulatory guidelines. We are committed to keeping our products globally compliant and above all safe.

We strive to use superior raw materials with cleaner origins which means finding the best forms of both clinical and natural ingredients, like a potent superfruit source of vitamin c or the right blend of peptides to do the job.

We analyse our products every step of the way. A full suite of testing includes stability evaluations, safety assessments for potential sensitisers and extensive review by a panel of independent skincare professionals. If even one element fails to meet our standards, we start again and reformulate until we get it right.

IMAGE Skincare is efficacy driven, clinically tested, physician formulated, consciously made, globally compliant, no animal testing, tried, true and tested by skincare professionals.

Integrity is everything.

It’s present in our recognisable ingredients, clinical efficacy and smart botanicals. It’s evidenced in product collections that surpass promises with results. Our products are made with intention, conceptualised by a dedicated team of physicians, chemists and skincare professionals. This expertise is instilled in every IMAGE Skincare product and treatment, so you can feel confident in using this science backed solutions for healthy, youthful looking skin.

Many of our formulas start with plant derived stem cells along with proven ingredients like retinol, peptides, vitamin c, antioxidant, and hydroxy acids. We turn to active natural ingredients for their pure plant power and efficacy. Then we develop high performance products with superior absorption capabilities. And we’ve pioneered the use of vectorised technology a revolutionary delivery system that time releases active ingredients for up to 48 hours.

At its essence clean skincare is skincare free from toxins and skincare that offers a level of transparency about what ingredients it does and does not contain. As consumers become more aware of things that may be toxic or harmful to their health, clean skincare products aim to offer reassurance that they don’t use these potentially harmful ingredients.

In today’s society, people are becoming more aware of the ingredients that go into their products, and consumers are searching the shelves for products that will help them feel like they are taking control of their health and wellbeing and are living in line with their values.

They aren’t content just buying something and putting it on their faces or bodies and calling it a day; they want the skincare items they purchase to make a difference, both for themselves as well as for the planet.

“Clean beauty is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle”