Summer Skincare Staple: Botanical Boosters Duo

ORMEDIC® Balancing Facial Cleanser

Add the Summer Skincare Staple IMAGE Skincare Botanical Boosters to your travel bag, or even your gym bag, this summer and start as you mean to go on. Whether you’re leaving on a jet plane this summer, or planning an Irish staycation, it’s important to keep up your skincare routine.  You don’t want to come back from holidays with dull, damaged skin and have to start from scratch.

What’s in the Botanical Skin Kit?

The Botanical Skin Kit contains a travel sized version of the ORMEDIC balancing facial cleanser which can be used morning and evening.  Used in the morning, it cleanses your skin gently, leaving it ready for the rest of your skincare routine.  Use it to remove your SPF at the end of a busy day and allow it to gently sweep any impurities away.  You’ll be amazed at how refreshed, hydrated and soft your skin feels thanks to the nourishing complex with organic aloe vera and botanical extracts.

To get the full benefits of it, apply it to wet skin and massage it into your skin for a minute.  Rinse your skin with cool water and pat it dry.  Your skin will be ready for the rest of your products and they’ll work more effectively now that your skin is perfectly cleansed and balanced.

During the summer, it’s so easy for the lips to dry out, but the ORMEDIC lip enhancement complex is your lip’s best friend. The Botanical Skin Kit contains a full sized version of this ultra-hydrating, polypeptide formula.  It’s more than a lip moisturiser. Not only does it improve the visual volume of lip contours, but it instantly replenishes and hydrates, minimising the appearance of fine lines.

Who can use the Botanical Skin Kit?

What’s great about the products in the Botanical Skin Kit is that they’re suitable for all skin types, so you can share with your travel companion.  If you’re new to Image Skincare, a kit like this is a great way to try out two products at once.  As each of the products are under the 100ml, they’re carry-on friendly.  They’re also perfect for popping in your gym bag too.

A lot of people tend to pare back their skincare routine over the summer.  But this doesn’t have to mean reducing the efficacy of your results.  While you unwind this summer, we’ve got you covered with our clean clinical skincare.  With evidence-based results, you can be safe in the knowledge that this summer and beyond, each ingredient that’s gone into Image Skincare’s products has been chosen with care.

You won’t find any parabens, phthaltes, mineral oils, artificial fragrances or synthetic dyes in our products.  We strive to find the best forms of both clinical and natural ingredients, using superior raw materials with cleaner origins.  Each product is tested and analysed every step of the way, being the subjects of extensive reviews by a panel of independent skincare professionals.

Enjoy your summer and pick up the Botanical Skin Kit from your local IMAGE Skincare clinic or online.