Focus on: Skin Barrier function, how to repair and care for it

important role of skin barrier

When it comes to our skin, it’s important to understand the important role our skin barrier plays in the health of our skin. There are so many skin conditions and problems that are linked to a compromised skin barrier.

What is skin barrier?

The skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin that serves as a protective shield. When these outer layers are healthy, skin feels soft, supple and plump, but if these outer layers are damaged, skin may look dull and feel rough or dry. The skin barrier helps to retain water within your skin, preventing dehydration, as well as keeping bacteria & micro-organisms from entering through our skin alongside many other benefits. To maintain healthy skin, you need a fully functioning skin barrier, so it’s able to do it’s job.

Are you struggling with your skin?

If the answer is yes, it could be that your precious barrier is impaired. Now, don’t rush to self-diagnose, seek professional advice who will be able to recognise what’s happening with your skin. There are many contributing factors that can lead to your skin being upset with you. Dry and flaky skin, redness, itching, stinging, burning and acne are all signs of a comprised skin barrier.

There are many different reasons for a compromised skin barrier including over use of exfoliating products or products with harsh ingredients, stress, lack of sleep, smoking, pollution or not wearing SPF daily.

How do I fix it? 

Seek professional advice

Our best advise is to get advise from a skincare expert who will work with you on a regime of professional treatments and at home care to repair your skin barrier. Click here to find your local Image Skincare professional or email our Brand Expert, Michelle to book a complimentary virtual consultation.

Strip back your skin routine

A basic skincare routine is to cleanse, treat, and moisturise (plus protect with sunscreen during the day). Your skincare products can change slightly from day to night. Likely you will use the same cleanser, but your treatment products and moisturiser may change. This is for a number of reasons. One is because some skincare products/ingredients should not be used during the day. Another reason is because the skin goes through a renewal process at night, and you might use “heavier” products at night to help aid in this process.

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