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How to use retinol – the beginner’s guide

How to use retinol - ageless image skincare

Not sure how to use retinol in your skincare regime? You may be wondering if the hype is real?  You might have heard about it, but are wondering if it’s something you should be using in your skincare routine. What is retinol? Retinol is commonly referred to as the superstar ingredient when it comes to […]

Skincare during pregnancy

Skincare during pregnancy

One of the most commonly asked questions on our Instagram and Facebook pages is which Image Skincare products are safe to use during pregnancy.  We always recommend speaking to your doctor when it comes to pregnancy-related questions and you can always speak to your local Image Skincare professional who can answer all questions in more […]

How to layer your skincare products

how to layer your skincare products

Serums, masks, moisturisers, retinols…There are so many skin care products on the market right now and it can be overwhelming figuring out what to apply when and how to layer your skincare products properly.  Applying your products in the right order means that your skin will benefit from each and every product. It also means […]

Double Cleansing – why you should be doing it

Double Cleansing is an important step in your skincare routine, especially in the evening time. For those who think that cleansing your skin twice might be excessive, let us explain why we recommend it.  If you’ve been wearing makeup and/or SPF all day, that first cleanse will break down the products.  The second cleanse will […]