How to treat post-summer hyperpigmentation

post-summer hyperpigmentation

While hyperpigmentation can occur throughout the year, it’s more common after the summer. Post-summer hyperpigmentation usually appears in places that are exposed to the sun like the face, neck, chest and hands.

Excess melanin production is what causes dark spots on the skin.  It is produced to protect your skin from UV damage whenever you are exposed. These spots stand out from the rest of your skin tone and can become quite obvious.

While pigmentation might be a sign of a great summer and having lots of fun in the sun, it’s something that so many of our customers and clients need to tackle each year.

If you have dark spots on your skin from post-summer hyperpigmentation, hormonal hyperpigmentation or pigmentation following breakouts, then the ILUMA range is your first port of call.

The ILUMA intense facial illuminator helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots while enhancing luminosity for a lit-from-within glow.  The power-packed formula with tranexamic acid, vitamin C and niacinamide delivers optimal brightening benefits and targets dull, uneven skin tone.

The ILUMA intense brightening exfoliating cleanser gently yet effectively exfoliates the skin, sweeping away impurities while promoting hydration and boosting luminosity. Its mushroom-derived enzyme, bamboo spheres and smart-sensing beads gently exfoliates dull skin and is suitable for all skin types.

The ILUMA intense brightening creme contains botanical brightening agents and stabilised vitamin C, helping to minimize the appearance of dark spots.  Radiance-boosting peptides help to promote a youthful glow, while the rich and hydrating natural oils moisturise the skin.

When using products like these, it’s important to use SPF daily to help prevent further hyperpigmentation, post-summer or otherwise.  Even in the winter, and on cloudy days, sunscreen is a vital part of your skincare routine and you can shop the Prevention+ range online or from stockists nationwide.

To book in for an Illuminating Facial, a clinical results-driven facial designed to give beautiful luminosity, radiance and glow, find your local IMAGE Skincare clinic here.